1. London by light

More work at Camden Image Gallery. 18 December 2016

Playing with the notion of pfizer viagra price the number 3 standing for the years she has run this gallery, Elena Chimonas held an exhibition opening on the kamagra in us 3rd of this month, at her Camden Image Gallery. A group of her artists produced triptychs for the event. Here is my contribution.


The over-title is “Night and Silence” and the central painting is also titled thus. However the flanking paintings are titled, on the left, “Cavé” (as in an old term for Beware), and on the right, “Valé”. The pricing is in GBP. Each painting is 800, but the three as a triptych cost 1600 (making it three for the price of two). And each is sized 805 x 655 mm.

Also Elena needed to take down all info on her site regarding exhibitions earlier this year, so here’s a reference to what mine was like.



And if it’s hard to read from the top image here’s the wording. “Clute’s work at the Camden Image Gallery is mostly recent, though there are some threads of connection back to the first Darkening Garden exhibitions in Austria and the Czech Republic (2011 – 2013). Etchings and paintings continue to present painterly arguments about how it feels to be a human animal living deep within our history on this planet.”