1. London by light

Day of the buy pills generic viagra Dead. 10 Nov. 2011

A place that surprised me. In a museum in Boston. The Peabody. I went there not expecting to be taken out of viagra and high blood pressure myself, because after all I’ve been to many museums. That’s a thing I do, and in this case we, my friend Joe Haldeman and I, were planning to study an exhibit on “Lakota Images of the Contested West”. Native American art in the 1860s. Incidentally it was fascinating: showing pictograph ledger book drawings done with newly discovered Euroamerican pencils and inks.

But upstairs in a hallway we found the place that blind-sided me. It was set up for the tenth anniversary of 9.11. It was reds and blacks and masses of orange chrysanthemums. There were candles and skulls and a central Aztec head. It was a Mexican Day of the Dead celebration set up to zithromax canada online commemorate the many unknown illegal immigrants who were killed when the Twin Towers collapsed. Those from Mexico who died are likely to remain unidentified.