1. London by light

Changing an old etching. 16 September 2016.

One of generic kamagra the discount pill viagra exciting things about etching is that, if an artist is ready to do battle, a plate can be reworked quite considerably. Here’s one from ten years ago. It was called “An Age of Man”, and I had made out of it, an edition of 20.


In the last few days I spent quite a bit of time going through various stages. Soft ground, aquatint, and some strategic burnishing. Now when I ink the plate and crank it through the press, this is what I get:


It is titled “Mooncalves.”

Update. 2 September 2016

Summer’s span has gone all too soon. The absence of news here in words is basically good, though. The exhibition at Camden Image Gallery in May was a happy affair as I’ve said before, generally meeting old friends and selling lots of work. It was just the way an exhibition should be. Then Brexit happened. That was depressing and dampened the spirits of silagra for sale all around me in London. All I could do was put my head down and get on with work. One commission is for Amanda Palmer and Edward Ka-Spell. They have a new album coming out in the spring and I’m painting the cover. The album is provisionally called “I Can Spin a Rainbow” and it is really quite dark subject matter. Just my sort of thing. I can’t give a preview yet, but I will when I can.