1. London by light

New etching, sampling Rodchenko. 20 June 2016

Here’s a new etching, 6 inches square, where I’m borrowing from Rodchenko at the top of the composition. The woman’s face appeared as I did some sketching for an updated version of Spider Woman. Now it’s called “Angel”.

Sampling Rodchenko etching

Mathew Downward took some weird and wonderful pics for me. 12 June 2016

Mathew Downward took some weird and wonderful pics for me at the opening last month. Here for instance is reflections on an etching called “Are you together?”

Are you together? plus

And another taking liberties with gravity:

Mathew's brilliant compositon

And Krishna looking at some of the dark prints. (Mathew’s way of slanting sideways works well, I think.)

Krishna looking at dark etchings

And a straight-on pic of me talking, and gesticulating.

Judith talking

A selection from John Lifton-Zoline’s pics, 7 June 2016

My dear friend, John Lifton-Zoline, has sent over a hundred photos for me to sift through. Firstly, yours truly wearing my jokey wooden tie talking to Natalie Moorcock, with back view of buy viagra cheap Anne Witman.

Judith with Natalie Moorcok and back of Anne Wittman

John with Sira and Sophie.

John with Sira and Sophie

View from the approved kamagra stairs.

view from the stairs_edited-1

Middle part of the gallery.

middle part of the gallery

Towards the front with Eddie Campbell looking at my array of doubles.

towards the front of the gallery

Front room.

front room

Jake Tilson and Helen Manning Clark

lifton 7

Pamela Lifton-Zoline, John Urling-Clark, Nick Clay and Di Clay.

Pamela Zoline, John Urling-Clark, Nick and Di Clay