1. London by light

Another quick note, 23 May 2016

I’m still flying high with happiness of the show. I haven’t yet got the link that John Lifton Zoline will send showing the buzz of the opening party, but I can at least, at this moment, pop in a few pics of when baby Ash came with Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman.

18 May 2016 Ash and Amanda and Neil at my show aa

18 May 2016 Ash and Amanda
18 May 2016 one corner of the gallery_edited-1

Time only for a quick note, 17 May 2016

Last Thursday (12 May 2016) many friends, some I haven’t seen for years, came to the Camden Image Gallery, 174 Royal College Street, for the xenical no prescription opening of my “Darkening Garden” exhibition. I was more happy than I can say. The gallery is beautiful. The works are well hung and there are several red dots. Tomorrow, Wednesday, late afternoon we take it down.

John Lifton-Zoline took over a hundred pictures for which I will send a link soon, but in the meantime I’ll drop in here just one image that I myself managed. It is of access rx viagra an old friend, John Urling Clark, and by chance it catches the lovely Elena Chimonas, managing director of the gallery, striding forward.

12 May 2016 cc John Urling-Clark