1. London by light

The Fire Next Time, 19 June 2014

Another painting finished: The Fire Next Time.
970 mm by 670 mm.

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The Fire Next Time bb

This painting had an earlier manifestation several years back. I started with thoughts of synthroid 40mg notation, musical modes. They haven’t survived through the various changes. In due course variations on the letter “a” came to reside in this painting. Also a Peruvian mummy cloth design, an Inuit shaman, and a young girl caught in this strangeness. What kind of world am I trying to occupy here? Is the child projecting all this stuff around her? The idea of projection is interesting. Building blocks of the psyche? Machine codes of the mind? We carve up our emotional experiences in ways that are just below our radar.

Punctuated Equilibrium, 7 June 2014

Here’s Punctuated Equilibrium. This painting has taken me a long, long time to finish. It bears a relationship to Quorem which also took a long time to finish, back in 2010. So I’ll include it at the discount viagra sale bottom. (Some of the seemingly simple paintings take longer. Strange. I don’t know why.) Dimensions:
Punctuated Equilibrium is 1030 by 730 mm.
Quorem is 1045 by 792 mm

Punctuated Equilibrium aa

Punctuated Equilibrium is a theory in evolutionary biology. There is phyletic gradualism, which states that evolution generally occurs by a steady and gradual set of transformations. But in 1972 Niles Eldridge and Stephen Jay Gould published a paper developing the notion that gradual evolution was seldom seen in fossil records, and that actually, and more interestingly, there were in the records to be studied, a sort of generic purchase viagra “stasis” and then “sudden jumps”. Gould coined the phrase – punctuated equilibrium.
Some biologists have applied punctuated equilibrium to non-sexual species including the evolution of viruses.
And perhaps in a Science Fiction context, Punctuated Equilibrium might bring us to recall a certain moment in Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. It is when the mysterious alien artefact, a black monolith, triggers prehistoric ape people to start making tools. The first tool was, of course, a weapon.

Quorum cc