1. London by light

Rod Heyes at Tate Britain, 8 March 2014

Today was a beautiful early spring day and so John and I went to Tate Britain. The portico was built in 1897 by Sidney R.J. Smith.

Tate Britain 1

Sydney Smith's Portico Sydney Smith’s Portico[/caption]

Smith also designed the dome inside. There is a joy in walking through the renovations underneath this dome: Rod Heyes and Caruso St John Architects have created a sensitive set of relationships.

Tate Britain 4

Tate Britain 5.

Tate Britain 11

Tate Britain 3.

Of course we wandered around doing our usual things, including going to the members’ room.

Tate Britain 6.

Tate Britain 9.

Tate Britain 10

And we enjoyed the exhibition on ruins.

Tate Britain 12