1. London by light

A new painting, canada cheap viagra jelly 8 October 2013

Since the beginning of September I’ve been playing with a green man open-mouth profile theme. It combines with west coast Canada Inuit shapes. Size in centimetres: “Voiced”, 105 x 79; It is framed, oil on canvas, £3,000.

Voiced aa

The recent upgrade has made the pictures in the galleries of my site much easier to look at, in, for instance, the for sale section. But here in the blog section it has made the viewer go through extra work. I don’t know why we can’t, as we used to, just click to order propecia online without a prescription change from size to thumbnail, back and forth. If you click as before, the picture is merely enlarged with each click. And to leave the picture you have to go the buy cheap glucophage return arrow, upper left. Each time. And it takes you to the top of the section. I’ll try and get this sorted, but in the meantime – apologies.