1. London by light

latest etchings, 26 May 2013

As usual I asked John for help thinking up a title. For the first in this tablet kamagra group he brought out Edwin Muir’s – One Foot in Eden. In the title poem of the book he found just the right words: Compactly Grown.

Here are the lines in the middle of the first stanza.
…Time’s Handiworks by time are haunted,
And nothing can separate
The corn and tares compactly grown.

Compactly Grown

World of the Book


Latest etching, 3 May 2013

Here’s the latest etching in the Darkening Garden series. The top part is derived from my painting: Bone Scan. The lower one can look look like a skull, or whatever the online viagra viewer wants. It started from a photograph of me drinking from a wine glass, but maybe we don’t need to buy propecia online no prescription know that. I really do like things unexplained. (I’m pushing time for this pic because the frame is only half finished.)

The Pull of Gravity